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NATSPEC BIM Guide Documents

The National BIM Guide is to assist clients, consultants and stakeholders
to clarify their BIM requirements in a nationally consistent manner.

NATSPEC National BIM Guide
The core reference document.
Project BIM Brief
For defining and documenting the specific requirements of your project by reference
to the National BIM Guide.
BIM Object/Element Matrix
Can be used as a reference or to define the properties and Level of Development of many of a project's building elements.

Welcome to the National BIM Portal

This website is home to the NATSPEC National BIM Guide and other documents. It is also a repository of documents and tools that will assist the implementation of BIM in the construction industry.

The National BIM Portal also acts as the ACIF and APCC Project Team Integration (PTI) and BIM Knowledge Hub. For more details of this initiative, see BIM R & D Projects.


Review of NATSPEC National BIM Guide

Please help NATSPEC update the National BIM Guide!

Collaborate Working Group CWG-002, BIM Management Plans, has just released a report which focuses on reviewing the National BIM Guide and BIM Management Plan Template. Its goal was to provide NATSPEC with industry feedback on its suite of documents, based on “real world use”.

NATSPEC thanks Collaborate for this initiative and CWG-002 for the significant effort they put into the report.

Advise us if you agree with their findings via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
All comments will be taken into consideration when preparing the next edition of our BIM documents. 

For a copy of the CWG-002 Report [904 KB PDF] Go to source

NATSPEC BIM position statement

NATSPEC is a not-for-profit organisation with the objective of improving the construction quality and productivity of the built environment through leadership of information.
NATSPEC believes that digital information, including 3-D Modelling and Building Information Modelling, will provide improved methods of design, construction and communication for the industry. Further, NATSPEC supports open global systems. This will result in improved efficiency and quality.
NATSPEC’s primary focus is on the “i” (information) in BIM and how it is linked to digital models. NATSPEC’s areas of interest include how specification information can be best integrated with BIM and the development of BIM guidelines and standards beneficial to the construction industry.


Recent changes

  • 15/5/14 BIM R & D Project Summary List added under 'Research & Development' > 'BIM R & D Projects'.
  • 30/5/14 BIM Paper - Getting Started with BIM added under 'NATSPEC BIM Documents' > 'Related Documents'. 

 New NATSPEC BIM Paper: Getting Started with BIM

 This BIM Paper provides guidance to Architectural or Engineering organisations wanting to implement BIM within their organisation.

[385 KB PDF] Download

 New report: BIM Education Global Report 2013

This report for the International Construction Information Society (ICIS) provides a brief summary of the current status of BIM education in a number of countries across the globe. It includes reports from the countries of the respondents to an email that NATSPEC's CEO, Richard Choy, sent to a group of parties with an interest in BIM in October 2013.

[94 KB PDF] Download

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